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I watermark the photos so someone does not take a photo off here of your horse and claim it is theirs.  Anyone has always been welcome to their own photos for the asking to use on the internet.  I have recently cut back even more of the photos I post to keep many of best shots private to use if I find a contest or publication.  If you are in one of the galleries and want to see if I have more of you and your horse please just ask.


Mason Slack barrel and tie down 2016

Mason slack 2016


I did a Mustang trek around Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota.

Wild Mustangs


The battle of Little Big Horn in Montana at the actual battle site

Custers Last Stand


Stonewall peach festival Slack 2016.

I did the barrel racers and much of the calf roping

Stonewall Slack


Burnet Slack barrel racers and steer wrestlers June 2016.  Only stayed while sun was shining.  The ground is finally dry for the most part

Burnet Slack


Bastrop Slack barrel riders May 14, 2016.  I have mentioned before I do like the rodeos.  This year has been not so good for my attendance due to many factors.  It is true that I have witnessed a few things at a couple rodeos that I wished I had not seen but I have also attended children's sports events and witnessed just as many incidents that I certainly wished I had not seen.  I am happy to say that the majority of the time rodeos rock.

Bastrop Slack Barrel Riders


I caught a very rare pony called a Fernandez pony.  She is very beautiful moving and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to catch her at liberty.. A few shots of a couple other horses that were in need of their action shots being caught too are in this gallery.  

Fernandez Pony


During this 4th weekend in April I also attended a herding dog event.  they are pretty cool dogs, no that is not just right these dogs are beyond cool as far as intelligence.

herding dogs


Finally I went to the Texas STOL competition for the 2nd year in a row.  For those of you that are into flying and competitions both.  Considering it looked like I would get rained out this weekend I was very happy to fit in the chuckwagon, herding dogs and this airplane event with beautiful weather.

STOL air competition