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The slideshow header has been updated with mostly "moments" from the past year.  I have been using facebook to find dates and times of events and it takes a great deal of effort on my part to keep up to date on these announcements.  I have missed some equine events this past year due to using only this type of event information.  Thanks to all who have given me heads up on events.

I have slowly been eliminating some galleries that contained photos taken with my previous camera.  Will continue to do this - at a slow pace -  you will need to contact me if you want a specific photo from the past.

I watermark the photos so someone does not take a photo off here of your horse and claim it is theirs.  Anyone has always been welcome to their own photos for the asking to use on the internet.  I have recently cut back even more of the photos I post to keep many of best shots private to use if I find a contest or publication.  If you are in one of the galleries and want to see if I have more of you and your horse please just ask.